Discover the Local Michigan Difference for your School Gift Shop

Blue Background with Snowflakes, depicting December Temperatures in Michigan. Santa's Secret Shop and Holiday Gift Shop Logos

Weather can be unpredictable.  Being in Michigan helps us navigate mother nature’s curve balls.  How, you ask? If winter is on the weather menu, we can bring a reorder to your house (or meet the custodian at the backdoor with the secret handshake). This way when school reopens you are ready with a fully stocked gift shop. We are also in the same time zone as you so when you call, you’ll reach a human not an answering service. Double Bonus, you won’t have to wait until lunchtime for us to open for the day. 

We also ensure we have gifts that showcase our major league teams, Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings oh my! Not to mention having both Michigan and Michigan State gift choices. Our gift line is new every year, we feature over 100 items, with most of them under $5.00.  Click HERE to see a small sample of our 2024 gift line. The best part of our gift line? Attend an open house and you can see the entire line in person.  Check HERE for the Open House Schedule. Attending an Open House allows you to see the quality of our gifts for yourself.  We encourage you to check out the merchandise.

Another way we cater to you is at the end of the year, we ask what you’d like to see next year and we take those suggestions with us when we go shopping for the new gift line.  Believe it or not, we already have most of our buying done for the 2024 gift line.

You pay absolutely no money up front, your school only pays for the gifts sold. We send the gifts, you run your shop, send us a quick express check out form, we send you an invoice.  We happily assist you every step of the way.

The bonus of using us is a reduced-price summer vacation.  Want to visit Mackinac Island and save some money, we have you covered – every student receives a coupon that gets you FREE Ferry Tickets.  2 great Boat Discounts, one coupon.  First up is Mackinac Island Ferry Company up to 2 children (12 and under) ride for FREE with a paid adult ticket.  Continue onto the Upper Peninsula for vacation and enjoy the same great deal for the Pictured Rocks Cruises.

Give us a call to learn more 800-772-7587.